Frequently asked questions and answers about the Chirollet® roll-out bed slats made by Sven Johansen GmbH.

Do I have to secure the Chirollet® roll-out bed slats to the bed frame?

It is normally not necessary to secure the Chirollet® roll-out bed slats to the support rails of the bed frame. This would negatively affect the elasticity of the slats. However, there are sometimes situations in which buyers unnecessarily reach for their toolbox. One of the main reasons is to ensure the bed stability. The slats of the Chirollet® are fixed at a specific width by means of spacers. The bed frame itself provides the necessary lateral stability. However, this may not be sufficient in some cases. To check the stability, measure the width in the middle of your bed (see image for example) and compare it with the ends. If the width varies at these points by several centimetres, you should fit a cross-rail under the support rails

Bunk beds - an exception?

We do know of one exceptional case in which it may be a good idea to secure several slats - on children’s bunk beds. One of children’s favourite pastimes is lifting their brother or sister in the top bunk by pushing the bed frame up with their feet. If they do this on one side and by 20 – 30 cm, it is possible that several slats are pushed past the support rail.

Always pre-drill hardwood slats!

If you secure the slats - do it correctly!  The slat MUST be suitably pre-drilled for the screw with a 3-5mm drill. When tightening the screw with a cordless screwdriver, make sure that you do not turn the screw head through the rail.

Damage caused by incorrect work will NOT be replaced by Johansen GmbH.

Why does Johansen only use solid wood slats?

So that our solid hardwood slats do not lose their stability and elasticity even after decades of use.

Depending on their quality, the alternative plywood slats often lose their elasticity and stability sooner or later, depending on their quality. This means that the bed starts to bow downwards and the slats can jump out of their supports.

Why are domestic woods such as beech or spruce not used?

Roll-out bed slats made of beech or spruce are usually made of laminated wood. The Chirollet® slats are made of knotless, high-quality solid wood. We use solid hardwood slats to ensure that the sprung slats retain their elasticity and durability for decades.

The untreated solid wood is also breathable. This means that it effectively absorbs and releases moisture, preventing any unpleasant accumulation of moisture which causes mould, mildew stains and mattress odours.

Can a Chirollet® become “fatigued” and “sag” with time?

This is not actually possible, as a Chirollet® is manufactured by hand so that any faulty “weak” slats are rejected. Should the bed start to sag in spite of the Chirollet®, this is usually caused by the mattress. If you want to be sure, simply turn the Chirollet®.