Chirollet® – so simple – but super stable

Chirollet® can be rolled out and is made of flexibly linked slats ...

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A Chirollet® is stable in all situations

Chirollet® is extremely robust and ideal for all mattresses. Chirollet® is particularly suitable for children’s and teenagers’ beds (no “playing effect”). Heavy people can also sleep safely and comfortably.

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Modern manufacturing in Germany

Chirollet® is a quality Germany product with skilfully crafted, selected slats ...

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Assembly is child’s play: Chirollet is easy to transport,

can be rolled out but is still securely anchored.

... die flexible Grundlage für einen festen und sicheren Schlaf!


All dimensions at a glance

The Chirollet® standard version is made for beds with a length of 190, 200, 210 and 220 (*) cm.
This length can vary slightly and depends on the slats.
The standard widths are: 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 and 140 (**) cm. Chirollet® is naturally also available in special sizes on request.

Special dimensions

Customised for your needs and available in special sizes up to a fixed width of 139 cm in any length.
Slat spacing: 3-4.5 cm
Slat connection: PVC straps or polyamine wire.
(*)    The length can vary and depends on the number of slats.
(**)  The actual slat width is ~ 0.5 - 1 cm less than the specified value so that the bed slats always fit into the bed Frame.

Chirollet® – a Danish idea

In 1962 Sven Johansen founded a skilled trade company in Hamburg which produced roll-out bed slats under the brand name Chirollet® for a healthy bed that was kind to the back. The Chirollet® idea actually comes from Denmark, the birthplace of the company founder. Together with the then innovative one-piece foam mattresses and the futons which had started to become popular, these roll-out bed slats were a godsend. The "hammock effect" of the metal spring bed frames which caused physical pain when used for any length of time was therefore a thing of the past.

Chirollet® was designed in accordance with the Danish design principle that combines functionality and ergonomics with simplicity and durability. Chirollet® is therefore still regarded as the ideal slatted bed base solution today. The sprung solid wood slats made of carefully crafted, resilient hardwood ensure almost unlimited durability.

In the spirit of its founder, Chirollet® is still made in Germany today and produced exclusively by hand. The company is still privately owned. The quality of the Chirollet® brand products is personally monitored by the owner.