Modern manufacturing in Germany

Chirollet® is a quality German product with carefully crafted, selected wooden slats - MADE IN GERMANY. The product warranty is 10 years on material and production defects.

Chirollet® - one section for maximum strength

This medium-weight hardwood, used for house and furniture construction, has an exceptionally high elasticity for this wood category. Elasticity is necessary to prevent the slats breaking in various load and stress situations. The Chirollet® slats are made of knotless, high-quality solid wood and not of glued, laminated wood. The strong, sprung slats do not lose their stability and elasticity even after decades of use.

The total load capacity is 300 kg or 100 kg per slat.

Untreated and breathable

The untreated solid wood is also breathable. This means that it effectively absorbs and releases moisture, preventing any unpleasant accumulation of moisture which causes mould, mildew stains and mattress odours.

Chirollet® + good mattress = The best thing you can do for your back and to get a good night’s sleep.

Chirollet® – so simple – but super stable

Chirollet® can be rolled out and consists of flexible, linked slats. The sprung slats are made of high-quality, solid wood that is as durable as it is resilient. The finely planed and natural slats have a width of 56 mm and are securely anchored at a distance of 3 - 4.5 cm with spacers and straps.

Roll-out bed slats with a width of up to 100 cm are fixed with spacers and connectors made of high-strength polyamide wire; roll-out bed slats with a width of 120 to 140 cm are immovably connected with straps made of crystal-clear PVC. It is therefore not possible for the slats to wander. A Chirollet® is always stable - in all situations.

This also means that no assembly is necessary. It is not necessary to secure (screw) the slats to the support rails of the bed. What is also important - the slats retain their sprung characteristics. When rolled up, the Chirollet® is easy to transport and can be stored in a space-saving manner if required.

A Chirollet® is stable in any situation.

With its ideal ratio of strength and elasticity, Chirollet® is ideal for all mattresses (especially spring core, latex and foam mattresses as well as futons).

Chirollet® is extremely robust and ideal for all mattresses. Chirollet® is particularly suitable for children’s and teenagers’ beds (no “playing effect” (*). Heavy people can also sleep safely and comfortably, as the slats do nor bend or become fatigued. The roll-out bed slats have a total bearing capacity of 300 kg or 100 kg per slat.

(*) The “playing effect” occurs, for example, in bunk beds when children push their feet against the slats and mattress of the upper bunk when playing.